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What makes an expert?
  Date : 2011-07-14 Visited : 3053

I have recently been involved in a case where the argument came to one of who is an expert. This is not an uncommon attack when the issues at hand are not really in dispute and the opposing team wants to focus the case on other things. It may seem strange that a person with multiple post graduate degrees, SANS/GIAC certifications (and others) up the wazzoo and years of experience can be challenged on these grounds, but it is not unusual in this industry.

I did not specify anything stating that I am Forensic focused on my CV. I have too much for that and even for courts it is necessary to limit one's experience. That said, I did list all the SANS certifications and several Master's degrees.

So, how could it be possible to attack one's standing as an expert when you have a GSE, GSM and multiple IT Masters degrees in security?


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