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Can Artificial Intelligence Ease the EDD Burden?
  Date : 2011-01-20 Visited : 2954

We don't handwrite letters or sit on park benches to confer with each other anymore, do we? We text-message each other, write e-mails, or use still other forms of instant communication. We may even send signals up to a satellite and then down to the person in the same room.

Welcome to the age of legal informatics. Legal informatics is a sort of fusion between artificial intelligence and the law. It presents the question "Will AI put information management, that far left and oft-neglected process described by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, in the e-discovery spotlight?" In other words, can AI help prevent or alleviate our e-discovery burdens?

It's safe to say that the vast majority of our business and personal information is stored and transmitted in digital format. And we create a lot of it. According to IBM, every day we create enough information to fill all the libraries in the United States; oh, sorry, eight times all the libraries in the U.S., every day.

In this coming year alone, we humans will create as much information as we created in all the years that preceded it, combined -- all of them. Which brings me to what I learned at TEDxCaltech, a conference I attended as an alum on January 14, 2011.


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